• Agile accounting team training and coaching
  • Specialized on Non-Profit Accounting
  • Specialized on Start-Ups accounting
  • Regulars from bookkeeping to filing taxes
Accounting Services Burlington

If you have an inefficient accounting and would like to bring them up to speed, make them efficient then you are in the right place, call us for initial free consultation. - Understand the current system, - Create a road map to understand inefficient processes - Introduce agile accounting system to bring efficiencies to team - Coach them daily to make it better.

Accounting Services Burlington

If you are an ongoing or new non-profit, need an efficient accounting to serve your organization and your board accurate budget, financial, cash flow reports, we will setup all for you.

  • Review and analyze current chart of accounts, revise them to the bring it to the most efficient style
  • Set-up financial report templates for the board meetings
  • Review and revise year-end items to prepare all for the audits/tax
  • Set-up brand new non-profit accounting systems and maintain
Accounting Services Burlington

If you are an awesome entrepreneur, not sure how to handle your finances, we can help you to set-up everything to have efficient financials to bring your company to a success.

  • Set-up a brand-new accounting system, pick the right software and tools, to generate an efficient accounting systems
  • Help to create financials reports to be able to get loans
  • Establish Cash Flow Runway from the get-go
Accounting Services Burlington

If you are an ongoing business need someone reliable, reasonable, clean, organized, timely to handle your accounting then you are in the right company.

  • Handle all accounting needs you can think of
  • Help you to stay on top of things so you will be ready your taxes on Jan.2
  • Take the workload and headache away, complete all on time