Products & Pricing

From bookkeeping to filing taxes, we will take care of everything for you so you can focus on your growth.


Up to 5 Employees (Startup)


  • Set up new accounting system

  • All bookkeeping/accounting entries

  • Create financial reports

  • Preliminary consulting to tax filing

  • Complete tax prep for tax filing

  • HR/People, Payroll

  • General Business Insurance Guidance


6+ employees (Growing Company)


  • Everything in small-sized

  • Real time financial dashboards

  • Preliminary consulting to benefit packages

  • Ad Hoc Financial Reporting

  • Cost accounting/per project profit analysis

  • Applying Agile Accounting to help grow your company to the next level

Agile/CFO Finance Consulting

*Pricing Available Upon Request

If you have your own finance team in-house and you would like to make them more accurate and faster, we would love to help you.